Selena Gomez Would Rather Walk than Ride with Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez would rather walk than ride with Justin Bieber. She is currently accompanying Justin on his Believe tour in Canada right now, but she is certainly not trying to get a free ride. At the airport, anyway.

Selena was spotted standing and chatting with her boyfriend as he kicked back and relaxed in a comfy cart. He is undoubtedly feeling a little beat after performing every night. Apparently, she wasn’t in the mood to get an easy ride and decided to stretch her legs a bit.

Justin looks nice and comfy as his luggage is loaded onto the cart, and Selena stands at his side. Selena has managed to stay out of the spotlight as she supports her boyfriend. Another lucky fan got to see Justin and Selena getting off the plane in Calgary and once again, Selena trailed behind.

Some lucky fans have been lucky enough to see her standing at the front of the stage, but other than that, she has remained hidden away. She clearly does not want to detract from Justin and what he is doing right now.

Fans in Calgary got a glimpse of Selena at the Believe concert. You would think it would get a little mundane to watch Justin do his thing every night, but in this picture, it is obvious Selena Gomez loves watching Justin on stage.

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