Selena Gomez’s Dark and Disturbing Picture Mirrors New Role

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Selena Gomez tweeted a picture of herself from her new movie set, The Getaway. This picture shows Selena as a dark character, which is where the role she plays in the movie brings her, on the darker side of human beings.

The Getaway is a remake of the 1972 movie where Selena plays the young wife of a country veterinarian. She stars opposite Ethan Hawke and if the movie is anything like the original, a lot of the scenes take place in a car.

It’s an action film and Selena tweets, “action movies are hard.” She also tweeted that “Faith had fun on spring break now “Kid” is getting serious. Faith was the character that Selena played in her last movie which is not release yet, Spring Breakers.

Check out the picture of Selena from The Getaway here on Hollywood Hills.

Anyone that has seen the original The Getaway movie will understand how disturbing the characters were in this film. The deepest darkest places that humans can go happens in the original flick. If the makeover stays true to the original, fans are in for some disturbing scenes with Selena.

In the The Getaway, Selena’s character’s seduced by a bank robber and she goes on the run with him. The action flick will surly have some modern updates, but the original film was one of those that had you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Just like the picture that Selena tweeted, she’ll be appearing as a somewhat disturbing character surrounded by human darkness.

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