Selena Gomez’s New Bad Girl Image – Is the Disney Princess Gone Forever?

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It seems Selena Gomez has decided to discard her goody two shoes image along with her purity ring. The former Disney princess and alleged Justin Bieber love interest is not only sporting a new look, she’s also speaking her mind about–from topics as disparate as her new “fierce rock star” persona, her break with former BFF (and, oddly enough, other alleged Justin Bieber love interest) Demi Lovato, to her friendship with Taylor Swift. 

According to Hollywood Life, Selena sported a “rocking” black-on-black look on the cover and in the pages of the December issue of Sugar Magazine. Not only does the “new” Selena Gomez pose provocatively in black fingernails, black mini dresses and tops, black stiletto boots, and glossy blood red (or hot pink) lipstick, she also proclaims, “I don’t want to be stuck in a box anymore.” Oh,  what a difference a day without a purity ring makes. 

Apparently, as far as Selena Gomez is concerned, even 18-year-old Disney princesses must grow up eventually. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What sane human being would want to live in a prepubescent box forever?

If “this is Selena as you’ve never seen her before, and she rocks,” then the world had better get used to it.  Her fans should be happy that she is maturing and embracing adulthood. 

“I feel like I’m going headfirst into everything I love,” claims Selena. Good for her. Isn’t that exactly what becoming an adult should feel like?

(One question: What does the Biebs think of Selena’s new look?)

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