Selena Gomez’s Sexy Booty Pic–Was It for Justin Bieber?

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In spite of being reportedly anxiety-ridden on the Spring Breakers set, Selena Gomez steadfastly refuses to disappoint her fans, or deprive them of her company. The Who Says? singer recently proved just how devoted she is to her Selenators by posing with a gaggle of her girl fans in a group “booty” pic which has just appeared online. The bootylicious pic is just the latest in a long line of sexy photos the former Disney star has snapped and posted on the Internet. Could it be that La Gomez is thinking of something else, or rather someone else, when she poses for these “racy” images. Are they actually meant for Justin Bieber?

Whether Selena’s most recent skin-bearing photo was intended for JB or not, he’s sure to enjoy it. The pic shows Selena and 5 fans/new friends all wearing bikinis and showing off their rears. While her fans are posed looking over their shoulders while bending over and pointing their booties at the camera, Selena is standing upright in the middle of the lineup. Clad in a neon green bikini, she’s photographed standing straight, looking directly at the camera with a provocative, pouting expression. Her right hand is resting on the blonde girl’s naked booty. What red-blooded male wouldn’t love to see his girlfriend doing that? And speaking of the Boyfriend singer, it’s interesting that in this photo, Selena Gomez is wearing a backwards baseball cap and oversized sunglasses. A bit like Justin Bieber’s, eh?

Anyhow, you can see Selena Gomez displaying her booty and her girlfriends’ booties by clicking here. Do you think she was thinking of JB when it was snapped?

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