Selena Gomez’s Unique Rose ‘Flower Power’ Birthday Cake–A Gift from Justin Bieber?

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Selena Gomez obviously had a great time ringing in the big 2-0 on July 22. First, there was her win at the Teen Choice Awards, followed by a romantic birthday dinner at a posh Hollywood restaurant. Later still, she was surprised by family and friends in a more intimate celebration with a unique and special treat. The Spring Breakers star was presented with a dream birthday cake that looked, almost literally, like a rose garden. Was the one of a kind confection a specially created birthday gift from Justin Bieber?

On July 23, the no longer teenage Selena tweeted a photo of herself with a gorgeous uniquely shaped and decorated birthday cake. The pink and white cake was embellished with roses–not just the sugary ones that encircled the cake’s top but also a mini “garden” of long-stemmed roses that seemed to be growing out of the cake’s top. The roses ringed around the cake’s base and top are obviously made of pink, green, and white frosting. As for the long-stemmed roses “growing” out of its center, who knows? They might even be real.

La Gomez captioned the tweeted pic with a heartfelt but not terribly illuminating message.

“beyond blessed,” Selena tweeted, “so much love. Thank you for the most incredible birthday yet! I’m truly, truly grateful. I love my family, friends and all of you.”

Of course, the question that comes most immediately to mind is: Was the fancy piece of pastry a gift from her perfect “Boyfriend” Justin Bieber? Perhaps. It’s the kind of unique touch the Biebs would think of lavishing on his lady-love to make her 20th birthday even more memorable.

Oh well, whatever the origins of her dream birthday dessert, it helped make Selena Gomez’s birthday, much like her life so far, perfect.

Click here to see the 20-year-old Gomez and her rose cake.

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