Sell Used Books – I Do – So Can You

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You don’t need a brick and mortar building to be a successful book seller.

You don’t even need a home library filled with books.  Used books can be found in more places than you can imagine.

I’ve never been to a yard sale where there were not used books for sale.

You can sell books on Amazon merely by listing them.  There are no costs to get started.  My suggestion is start with books you have on hand.

Did you know you can also sell other products on Amazon, not just used books?

It is easy to register for a ‘seller’ account.

It is easy to upload the information about what you want to sell.

It is easy to find products on Amazon you can sell.

You can even buy on eBay and sell on Amazon.  How easy is that?  No using gas going to yard sales.

I bought a book in Goodwill, a great place to buy used books to sell.  I recognized the author, Elbert Hubbard, saw it was a signed 1st edition.  I bought it for $4.99 and sold it for $465.

That hasn’t happened since, but I have had some good sales along the way.

  1. Amazon suggests taking advantaged of their features:
  2. bulk listing tools,
  3. detailed sales reports.
That all comes later, after you have made enough sales to know that you want to be an Amazon Seller and maybe not just selling books.

Details about the book:

How to Sell Books on Amazon: The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Secret Guide to Selling Used Books on Amazon

This delightful, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to selling books on Amazon is written by a five-star seller, who gives away some of the biggest money making secrets to selling books online today.
Although the guide is designed with the stay-at-home mom in mind, it is appropriate for anyone who wants to make a few-hundred extra dollars a week, or the model can be blown-up for those interested in starting a profitable full time business.  This stay at home mom did.

Available on Kindle and used paperback.


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