Sen. Kevin Grantham’s Good Idea: Ban New Construction of Mosques

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Yes you read that correctly. Sen. Kevin Grantham (R) thinks it’s a good idea to ban the construction of new mosques. Speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver last weekend Grantham stated that mosques are not churches but footholds into a society and are antithetical to America. Um last time anyone read the words this country is founded on they certainly still said that church and state should be separate.

Hate to tell you Sen. Grantham just because you don’t attend service at a mosque it doesn’t mean its not a church. In fact you are sadly mistaken if you believe that churches from other religions aren’t considered footholds into the community in which they are built. Churches of all religions become meeting places for groups outside of religious services and a gathering place for those in the community.

File:Mesquita72.JPGSen. Kevin Grantham is staunchly anti-Islam and honestly thinks it should be banned entirely from the western world. What do you want to bet he is also the type that denounces the banning of Christianity and Judaism from countries in the east? Why anyone voted for a man who is spreading hate for an entire religious group into office is a mystery. His hate speech should be banned entirely and the people of Colorado should be ashamed of him.

A new mosque in a city in the United States does nothing to undermine the integrity of this country. Hate speech from politicians talking out their ass on the other hand does. If Sen. Grantham wants to ban the construction of new mosques he is going to have to ban the construction of all religious buildings and every one knows that is really placing the state right smack dab in the middle of the church.

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