Sen. Marco Rubio Backpedals on Earth Age Statement

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Apparently, Senator Marco Rubio doesn’t want the world to continue thinking of him as an idiot. The Republican Senator from Florida was quoted as saying that he wasn’t sure how the old the earth actually was. Apparently, someone told Rubio that scientists actually do know the age of the earth, no matter what the bible says, and he said in an interview that the earth is “about” 4.5 billion years old – which is correct.

Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio and thousands of other Republicans are at odds with their purported faiths on this question, with many fundamentalists teaching that the earth is actually only a few thousand years old. Of course, this is utter nonsense, but apparently to these Christian fundamentalists, the science that has gone into dating the earth so accurately is just one big cover-up, by the scientific community at large, to keep people from believing in God.

At least Marco Rubio has the sense to agree with science. He says that it doesn’t conflict with his Catholic faith, and while that may not be exactly true according to current Catholicism beliefs, the church has been more progressive of late, accepting science and incorporating it into religious doctrine. Congressman Paul Broun still denies that the earth is anything but 9,000 years old, calling “evolution”, “embryology” and “the Big Bang Theory” lies from “the pit of hell.”

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