Senate Proposes Bill to End Racial Disparity in Sentencing

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Unfortunately, I know quite a few brothers locked up in jail.  Most of them are there in some way because of crack cocaine. Mostly for the sale of it.  Many for the use of it.  Some for both.  So I’m ecstatic to hear that congress is dealing with the unjust sentences given out for crack.

Crack cocaine has caused severe devastation in my community and family.  It would take a book to address the many ways in which crack has affected blacks.  In fact, many have been written.  One way crack has caused irreparable damage to the community is through depletion of black males who have been sucked into the prison system.  The government declared “war on drugs.” Back in the eighties, under President Reagan, a drug czar was established.  This sounds great right?  Get rid of the drugs. Clean up the neighborhoods. 

 However, what ended up happening is the war ended up being on black males.  They were profiled, targeted, rounded up and locked away.  And there was no mercy.  In fact, mandatory minimum sentences made sure judges aren’t allowed to have mercy on people selling crack. 

The Senate recently passed the Fair Sentencing Act (S.1789) which would reduce the mandatory minimum sentence for possession of crack cocaine from 100 times that of people convicted of carrying powdered cocaine to 18 times the sentence.  This could result in 4000 fewer prisoners in 10 years.  You can go to to find out more about the bill. Also, to make sure this bill becomes a law as soon as possible, contact your representative through the Capitol Switchboard at 202) 224-3121.  Or go to to email your representative.  Click on “write your representative” and you’ll be directed to the right person. for more info.

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