!! Senate Votes 83-7 to Block Funds to Acorn !!

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Lee says:  Yes!   It’s about time.  Now if only the House would come up to speed. 


Senate Votes 83-7 to Block Funds to Acorn

The community organization has been in the news lately for hidden-camera videos showing employees giving advice on the brothel business to a couple posing as a prostitute and her aspiring-politician boyfriend. Days before that, Acorn employees in Florida were arrested for allegedly engaging in voter registration fraud last year. And last Friday, the Census Bureau booted Acorn as a partner in the big 2010 count, saying it had become a distraction.

Johanns offered an amendment to the appropriations bill funding the departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development for the coming fiscal year that would bar Acorn from seeking federal grants. It passed easily Monday on an 83-7 vote — the third time this year that Republicans have tried to end the organization’s eligibility for federal funding. Acorn is a perennial target of Republican lawmakers, but now appears to have lost support from Democrats as well.

The House-passed version of the spending bill doesn’t include language disqualifying Acorn from receiving federal grant money.



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