Senator Caroline Kennedy From The Great State Of New York?

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This is just too much for me. I heard yesterday that Caroline Kennedy wants to take Hillary Clinton's place as Senator for New York! What qualifications does she have besides having the Kennedy name? I'm so tired of the Kennedy's being shoved down our throats.

I'm afraid that she will become New York's next Senator because Obama has to pay her back for supporting him and it just so happens that New York needs a senator. I'm sure that Obama has made some kind of deal with New York Governor Patterson so that Kennedy might be appointed as New York's newest senator.

The thing that bothers me is that there are many people who have been politically serving New York for many years that should have the position. The news has been coming up with names from both Upstate and form New York City.

Where does it say that there has to be a Kennedy in the Senate? Her uncle Ted Kennedy is very sick and might not be around much longer. Why should Caroline Kennedy be the next Kennedy in politics? Looks like politics as usual to me.

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