Senator Sex Scandal Makes Obama Administration Look Bad As Election Nears

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Obama’s administration might need a new name: the sex scandal administration. That’s because a senator sex scandal making headline news on Thursday follows the Secret Service sex scandal in Cartagena, the alleged “US Ambassador was raped in Benghazi attack” scandal, and the FSA lavish spending for pleasure scandal.

No wonder there isn’t anything getting done for taxpayers; everybody’s having a jolly good time on the taxpayers’ dime.

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is the latest to be said to be cavorting with women he isn’t married to, according to the Daily Mail. And, like the Cartagena sex scandal involving those secret service agents on the prowl, the truth might never have emerged if it hadn’t been for Menendez allegedly being a tightwad.

When are these bad boys going to learn?

6.6.10BobMenendezByLuigiNovi9According to his accusers, the senator promised $500 to the two women for sex acts around Easter time this year, while he was in the Dominican Republic. He didn’t keep his word to the two women they claim, because he only paid them $100 each. The Democratic Senator, who has been serving in that capacity since 2006, is divorced, so he was at least one step up the morality ladder compared to some Cartagena agents, who were married during that scandal.

If his ex-wife is privy to any extracurricular sexual activities from their days together, she is likely tsk-tsk-tsking over this one, and given the double tag team purchase it might give an inkling why one woman wasn’t enough.

The women didn’t realize the man seeking them out for his sexual gratification was a U.S. senator at the time, they say, as someone else set up the sex deal, taking them to the luxury resort Casa de Campo to meet the Democrat who was staying there.

It turns out that “Bob,” the name the women said their client called himself, comes to the Dominican Republic often, which explains his divorce, probably. And he is friends with Casa de Campo campaign donor Salomon Melgen, who has served as his host on at least one of those occasions–and loaned the NJ Senator his plane as well.

The whole sordid affair, if it proves to be true, is just another big stink mess for the Obama administration, and on the eve of the 2012 Presidential Election. The senator sex scandal could be viewed as a setup, to make the president look bad if it were not for all the other scandals that have kept this administration in the public eye. But his campaign staff might try to spin it that way anyway.

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