Senator Stabenow: Memorial Day Message – A Veteran’s Reply

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You’re welcome, but why are you already writing about you?

I am a cosponsor of legislation that will protect the dignity of fallen servicemembers. Our bill, the Sanctity of Eternal Rest for Veterans (SERVE) Act, expands the “buffer zone” distance and time around military funerals to protect these services from disruptive protesters. It also increases criminal penalties for those who violate the law and interfere with respectful burials. Our fallen heroes deserve our utmost respect and honor, and it is outrageous that some would turn their funerals into political spectacles.

Please don’t do that.  You’re a good Senator, and a good Democrat, except when you give in to these control obsessions we Democrats tend to be subject to from time to time.  I gave three years of my not-very-misspent youth, as did many in my generation, in part to protect even the rights of idiots to be idiots in public.  You know as well as I do that you can’t write a law on this issue that the SCOTUS won’t strike down on 1st Amendment grounds, so this is just puffery for you and BOMFOG for me (Yes, I’m old enough to remember Hubert H. Humphrey).  You shouldn’t be doing this just to curry favor with veterans and their families.

I, BTW, think it’s outrageous that some would turn a day meant to thank me and my fellows for our service to this country into an opportunity to blow their own horns.  Is this an almost-election-year year for you, Senator?  Why yes, I believe it is.

Don’t care!  Stop doing stuff like this.

I am also pleased to announce that the Veterans Affairs Administration selected a site in Mackinaw City for a new veterans’ clinic, which will open later this year. As your Senator, I have made it a top priority to increase access to medical services for all of our veterans. The VA has now opened new clinics in Alpena, Clare and Bad Axe. They will be opening another one in Cadillac next month and have also approved a clinic for Grayling to open in 2012.

Now, THIS I can get behind.  But I have to ask once again, “Why does that announcement feel like it’s all about you?”  You only mention yourself twice and allude to yourself once, but and still… it’s about you.

Oh, yeah… that election run-up year thing again. Well, despite that, don’t start paragraphs like this with “I.”

We owe it to our veterans to make sure they get the highest quality health care and the benefits they have earned.  I will continue working with the VA to increase the number of veterans’ clinics in Michigan.

“I” give up!

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