Senator Tony Avella Walks Off-Stage During Anti-Semitic Rant During Muslim Parade (Video)

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Tony Avella, New York state Senator, walked off-stage during an Anti-Semitic rant during the the 27th annual United American Muslim Day Parade on Sunday.

Although he had not yet spoken to the crowd, the Senator sat through a call for an “international law criminalizing blasphemy” before the following statement finally prompted him to get up and remove himself from the situation:

“We have the unborn martyrs in our wombs and drop bombs in here because all that we blow up is minds in the minefields. They resonate in refugee camps and housed by Zionists Nazis.”

Lately, there have been several calls for creating international laws dealing with regulating free speech if it is offensive to Mohammed. The right to freedom of speech is a deeply held right in America and she should resist any such declarations.

As reported by theBlaze, Tom Trento of The United West organization, asked him why he left the stage. Avella replied, “I was offended.” He would not go into further detail, however.

It is ironic that just before Jewish People were referred to as “Nazis”, there was a call for an “international law criminalizing blasphemy.”

Muslim Day Parade Features Speakers Promoting Global Laws Protecting Islam And Sharia

One program handed out during the parade featured the black flag of Islamic jihad flying over the White House.

Watch Senator Tony Avella here:

Photo Source: Urban Infidel/theBlaze

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