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http://media-files.gather.com/images/d129/d466/d747/d224/d96/f3/full.jpgHi, Everyone!

I’m in a very chipper mood right now. :-) Not sure why – I’m hungry and tired and have had a really weird day . . . But I’m happy. :-)

Okay, just got a bowl of cereal, so I’m good. My hubby is playing a video game on his computer while I write this prompt and we’re listening to our favorite 80s music. :-)

I’m officially in the third trimester now. Sooo weird. It’s gone by really, really fast. I’m positive this last trimester will be . . . a challenge. :-)

I really liked focusing on dream careers last week, and wanted to do the same today, but with the focus being on romance and such instead. :-)

My very first crush was on a guy named Anthony. My mom informed me of this a few years ago, but I don’t remember him. I was four. She said I was completely boy crazy over him – wouldn’t talk about anything else. Poor Mom. :-)

That first crush was a fairly good example of how my teenage and even college years would be, though. I almost always had a crush on someone, and in one or two rather *silly* earlier moments in my life, I even prayed I’d end up marrying my crush. Silly, silly Andrea. (I was in junior high. You get crazy in junior high. :-))

Needless to say, I didn’t get my first boyfriend until I was nineteen. I had plenty of offers before then, but they were never from guys I wanted to date. I had my sights set high – the guy had to be a good guy and musically/artistically talented in some way (the arts are very, very important in my family). He also had to be kind hearted and attractive to me. My first kiss also came from my first boyfriend. Though, that wasn’t a terribly great experience. :-) (You can read about that here. Ha ha!)

My college years and dating were . . . interesting. I was the queen of the blind date: I’d have four a week for a couple of months, then would go for months without anything, then would jump back to multiple a week. I had a handful of boyfriends throughout it all, but was pretty frustrated with the whole situation.

When my hubby came along, I was 28 and ready for him. Ironically, we met on a blind date. Finding out he’s musically talented and the best artist I’ve ever met sealed the deal. ‘Course, I didn’t know I liked him for a long time – I pretty much blew him off for a while. I’ll tell that story some other time – it’s a great one, full of a lot of pride and prejudice. My friends all called him Mr. Darcy. :-) By the time he asked me to marry him, he was the seventh guy to propose. I’ll post a comment below telling the story of all my proposals: some of them were pretty entertaining. :-)

OKAY. NOW on to the prompt. :-) (Sorry for all that history!)

Similar to last week’s prompt, I want you to answer a bunch of questions:

1. What was your first crush? The one your mom/dad told you about and the one you remember. Tell us about each person. Are you glad you didn’t end up with him/her?

2. Did you avoid members of the opposite sex? I was really shy for several years, so the guys I had crushes on were avoided, pretty much. :-) Or were you the opposite from me?

3. Who was your favorite crush? Also, and if you’d like, tell us a “success story” where you got to go out with the person you’d really wanted to date.

4. Tell us about your first date/kiss.

5. How old did you want to be when you got married? How did life intervene?

6. Are you happy with how life has gone, or do you wish you could go back and change certain aspects?

7. Did you ever have celebrity crushes? I’ve always had a soft spot for Yul Brynner. :-)

8. What was your favorite date? What would be a “dream date” now?

If there’s anything else you’d like to share when it comes to your dream romance, especially from when you were younger than eighteen, don’t hesitate to share it!


You have until Thursday, September 20, 2012 at midnight to write and post, and it can be in any format.

I will read, comment on, and feature your responses a week from today.

* Have your title say FWE or Friday Writing Essential, and have the initials “MDR” (My Dream Romance) in it.

* Make sure to post to the Writing Essential Group.

* Put FWE or Friday Writing Essentials and the initials “MDR” in your tags. (I won’t find your post without these tags.)

Have a great week! :-)

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