Separation Anxiety

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We’re on the road to Dayton, Ohio for the US Air Force Marathon.  This will be marathon number 5. I still remember my thoughts after running number 1:  “NEVER AGAIN!”  Yeah sure.

As we drive along on the long stretch of BORING, my thoughts switch between what Saturday’s race has in store for me and what Shane and Zoey are up to.  I wonder if the dogs are ok. If they might be suffering “owner withdrawal” in the same way I’m suffering “doggy withdrawal”.   It really bothers me to leave them.  I worry about little things.  I keep seeing Shane’s questioning eyes and Zoey’s sweet look of excitement for the unknown.  If it were up to me, they would come everywhere with us.

As I imagine the race on Saturday, I can’t see me tiring, or my legs getting heavy and sore.  I imagine an unrealistic sprint from start to finish in hopes to cross the end of the race then leap into the car and get home for my guy and gal. 

Soon guys… we’ll be home soon.

In the meantime, Ted and I took a road trip on the first day of  travels to Erie, PA.  It was about mid way to Dayton and a good resting point before continuing on to the expo Friday at Wright State University Nutter Center. 

A day en-route:

Boring ride to the mid point of Erie, PA.  We talked a lot about nothing. We stopped for  lunch (suspect MSG used) at Applebee’s where the waitress drove me up a wall since she was more concerned about conversations with friends that serving customers.

Finally arriving at the hotel by 4 pm.  The Country Inn & Suites smelled fresh and clean.  As I pulled the comforter back to test the bed (*I never trust hotels to wash the comforter after each customer and therefore refuse to sit on the bed until the comforter has been removed) (as for the bed…not too hard, not too soft, juuuust right!), I noticed how sore my legs felt.  Odd. This was a taper week. I only ran 3 miles this morning.  Hmmm….what’s up with the legs?! 

The only solution to sore muscles is to move. We headed out to find some water.  This is the result of our exploration of Erie, PA:

We found water but better than JUST water.  We found a BEACH!

The weather was perfect and the water even better. Unfortunately only our feet went in since we didn’t bring bathing suits.

It was nearing dinner time and Ted had his heart set on authentic Mexican.  Thanks to YELP, we discovered Latino’s

The owner stopped by our table on several occasions to explain authentic Mexican cuisine as one would find in Mexico City.  It was both interesting and entertaining. The food was MAGNIFICENT!

The most fresh, clean, and flavorful guacamole ever tasted!  I asked if he would share his recipe and this is what I learned:

  • Use the best Haas Avocado you can find but it should be not green and not black, somewhere in between but soft to the touch.  Peel and Mash it.
  • Add some very small chopped onion.
  • Add some very small chopped and very fresh tomato (organically grown is best)
  • Add a small amount of chopped, fresh, fresh, fresh cilantro
  • Mix in just a tad of salt (no pepper)
  • And finish the guacamole with a squeeze of fresh lime. 


The most basic yet one of the best tossed salads ever:  fresh greens, a few raisins, topped with two tortilla chips, white vinegar, olive oil and squeeze on some fresh lime.

Now dinner.  AMAZING-ly simple and healthy.

Fresh baked cod done in a little olive oil finished in steam and topped with capers, tomato, red onion, and olives.  A side of beans and rice.

Home made tortillas, piping hot. 

What a meal.  What an afternoon.  We really enjoyed Erie and, if we need to stop after the marathon, Erie just might be our main stay.

Next up: The US Air force marathon Expo. (good night Shane and Zoey…sleep tight)Red heart

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