Serena Williams Bikini Booty Pictures From Miami Emerge Online

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A series of Serena Williams bikini booty pictures have recently surfaced online and reveal the tennis star’s thick nature. Williams was on the beach in Miami to get some sun, and hoped that the bikini could contain her curves!

Over at the Daily Mail of the UK, Williams is seen wearing a strapless pink bikini top along with bikini bottoms that appear to be cheetah print.  However, the bikini seems to be having trouble containing “the booty.”  Fans of the top notch tennis star’s curvy body certainly won’t mind though!

Serena is also seen dancing around in the water with a few friends, which is great for her.  Back in February she had to have emergency surgery to repair a blood clot that was discovered in her lung.  She also developed haematoma due to a pulmonary embolism after cutting her foot on some glass last July.

Daily Mail notes that Serena had been feeling depressed over all the time away from tennis.  Most athletes who truly love their sport find that an injury can take a huge mental toll and lead to depression.  However, spending some fun time on the beach in Miami is a great way to get some of that Vitamin D from the sun’s rays and take her mind off her troubles!

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