Service projects make kids rethink.

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I am the leader for my daughters Girl Scout troop and I help out in my son's Boy Scout den.  I found out about a tour of "National Parks America Great Clean-up".  My girls needed a service project to do and so did the Boy Scouts.  I had all 6 of my Girl Scouts attend and 8 of the 18 Boy Scouts showed up. 

This is a Nation wide tour that visits national parks and provides a breakfast for all workers, t-shirts, gloves and a lunch.  We showed up at 8:00am Saturday, signed in, ate breakfast and got in our crews.  Our crew was made up of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  It happened to be a particularly cold day for March in Texas and some of the girls were very cold.  The humidity was low and the sun came out and by the time we started the kids ended up shedding most of their warm clothing.  We had a 1/4 mile part of a road to pick up trash.  This particular stretch also had a bridge over a small creek. 

Our kids really loved getting into the areas and picking up the trash.  They got to meet some other kids their age and venture out off the road to pick up trash and explore.  We finished the area that our leader expected to take 2 hours and continued on for another 1/4 mile. 

While we were sitting as a Girl Scout troop eating lunch one of my girls said, "I really had a good time, I thought this was going to be boring picking up trash."  The rest of the girls all agreed.  Then they went on to talk about how awful it was that peolple just throw trash off on the side of the roads.

That was so great!  I love to hear young people make that connection!!  If more kids were to have to clean up trash that others throw out wouldn't our country be a cleaner place to live?  So many of those that throw trash out of their car windows don't make the connection. 

I live in the country and have at least a 1/2 mile stretch of roadside property.  I walk my property line along the road at least once a week to pick up trash I fill at least 3 bags of trash.  It's just so disheartening to know that so many people care so little about the country in which they live!!

So, if you have the opportunity to take your kids to a trash clean-up or similar activity, please do.

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