Sesame Street Digging Fox News?

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Just as Sesame Street celebrates their 40th anniversary, they face accusations about a 2 year old skit.  Seems conservatives are displeased with a skit referencing “POX News” and referring to them as a trashy news channel.

Apparently our old friend Oscar the Grouch appeared as a reporter for the Grouch News Network (GNN).  A bored female viewer told him, “From now on, I’m watching Pox News.  Now there’s a trashy news show!”  One of the PBS powers-that-be feels this parody “should have been resisted” by the show’s producers.

Though a PBS ombudsman believes the dig at Fox was rather over the line, the show doesn’t seem to agree.  Ellen Lewis, VP of communication for Sesame Workshop, told Yahoo!News the skit was “just another one of the many parodies that ‘Sesame Street’ has done over the years.”

For many reasons, you’ve just got to love Sesame Street.  Which one of their parodies is your favorite, in honor of Pox News and Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary?


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