Sesame Street on Google–Celebrating 40th Anniversary [video]

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Are you wondering why for the last week Google has had a Sesame Street character on their homepage?  Answer, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10th, Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th season (watch preview).  Sesame Street premiered its first show ever on November 10, 1969 and tomorrow will be the mark of their 40th season!

During this episode a handful of celebrities–including Michelle Obama, Cameran Diaz, Jimmy Fallon, Jason Mraz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kobe Bryant, Adam Sandler, Ricky Gervais, Paul Rudd and more.  In tradition Sesame Street is full of educational song and dance–Michelle Obama teaches the important of exercise and eating well, Cameran Diaz gives the word of the day “habitat,” Jason Mraz sings about getting outdoors.  Sesame Street continues to educate and entertain, the show has developed so much since I watched it twenty years ago (oh wow!) yet it has consistently done better than any other childrens show in the last 40 years.

Sesame Street is doing well to promote the 40th Anniversary; the characters have been everywhere, including Google, public libraries, and select places all over Manhattan.  The show has had to compete with numerous channels devoted entirely to preschooler education, Sesame Street is an hour long show, and has really developed with the times in order to sustain its place in the television education realm.  Executive producers say on Tuesday November 10th it will have a brand-new spectacular format moving Sesame Street into a modern day entertainment, and yet still focusing on the educational aspect.

With the 40th coming up and this new make-over, this is a step in the right direction for Sesame Street–I will be tuning in tomorrow.

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