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Seth, my grandson is visiting today

I’m going to take him shopping

Let him have his way

Sure he’ll have me hopping

I got him a Hess truck for Christmas

And with that he had a ball

But have to keep putting batteries in

Without lights, not fun at all

So going to let him pick out

Exactly what suits his little mind

Who can tell what a child wants

Letting him see what he can find

Now, he will be three years old

In just a few more weeks

I don’t know where that time went

Time playing hide and seek

He is just a real boy boy

If you know what I mean

Everything he gets to play with

Is taken apart down to the seam

Imagine my surprise

As we’re walking through the aisles

He’s grabbing for a dolly

His face is full of smiles

Then I remember his daddy

When he was a little boy

He had trucks and planes and engines

but a doll named Alice gave him joy

He liked to dress her up

And then to dress her down

The check out girl was puzzled

For him? she nodded with a frown

But he held Alice number two

Tightly to his chest

Speaking to her softly

A boy boy at his best

No batteries, no screws or seams

Just soft stuffing and wool hair

An outfit that was mix and match

He really didn’t care

So there you are, our shopping trip

Me and Seth picked out his toy

He has his own doll child now

Seeing him show tenderness, pure joy


ard to believe this will be the last Monday in 2013. Hope you all have a very Happy New Year.

This week, I would like you to write a short story. Take a character and write a story involving him/her.

Use a shopping trip.

Make it include gifts (any reason for gift is fine).

Include at least one child.

Tell us about the store, and getting the gift home without the recip


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