Setting the record straight! We’re born Conservative or Liberal?

  1. I’m not for Palin
  2. I’m not against Obama

I’m for policies and I was born a conservative.  A study was done whereby some people are actually born liberal and some conservative.  We could fight about it all day, and I feel it’s useless, yet, I must let public opinion know how I feel.  I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind.  I just want the powers to be to know there are more than Obamatraons out there.  The liberal media has had a hay day for years, and now that the media like Fox and Limbaugh has swung right, the liberals are out with claws.  That’s fine, but when someone categorizes people as black, white, Baptist, Southerner, I get my claws out.

Just thought you’d like to know, and if not don’t read any further.  Oops!  It’s over!



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