Severe Weather Spotter Training Getting Started in Wyoming: Government Conspiracy?

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The National Weather Service in Riverton, Wyoming is starting a severe weather spotter training program. Since this is being conducted by a government organization instead of a local meteorologist or storm chaser, it leads some to believe that the government is trying to inject their own theories and tactics into the training regimen.

This training program states that it is being done for, “people interested in learning about identifying and reporting important thunderstorm characteristics during the active summer season.” These classes are free and will be held on May 10 and May 17.

Many believe that this is being done because so many deadly tornadoes and other severe weather has pretty much come on with no warning. Others, however, believe that the government is trying to make people think in a way that allows the government to control the American people.

Back in March of 2012, Indiana’s lack of uniformity on when to sound the emergency sirens caused quite a stir. This is because all of the counties have different policies. The Indianapolis Homeland Security Chief talked about why this is: “Now our protocol is a Tornado Warning only or a sighting of a funnel cloud by an emergency responder.” This pretty much leaves the residents stuck.

The severe weather spotter conspiracy theory could very well be completely untrue. Most conspiracy theories are. To keep everything completely real, there are people who believe that invisible Russian cosmonauts create the weather patterns seen in American towns that they target and circle. They believe that this is done solely for Communist mind control experiments. To go further with this theory, it is believed that the Russian cosmonauts use tornadoes just to distract humans so that they can inject them with what is referred to as StalinSerum.

Very interesting theory and definitely something fun to throw around. When severe weather spotter classes are seen being held, it is hard to refrain from throwing out a little conspiracy theories as to why they start them after a lot of the severe weather has already hit and caused death and destruction.

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