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Filed in Gather News Channel by on February 22, 2011 0 Comments sets the record for the most expensive domain name! The new record was set when Clover Holdings LTD bought for $13 million. Back in 2006, set the then for the most expensive domain name when it was sold to Escom LLC for $11.5 million. Escom sold the domain name when they were no longer financially profitable.

Apparently, even though sex sells, Escom discovered sometimes it doesnÂ’t sell well enough to keep help balance oneÂ’s pocketbook. Now then, will Clover Holdings have better luck with

The sale of from Escom to Clover Holdings took three short months to finalize. Sedo, an online domain name and website marketplace, helped broker the sale. The sale required Sedo to conduct “a buyer search on behalf of Escom in accordance with an order issued by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California.”

The domain name was first registered in May 1994 by Gary Kremen with Networks Solutions. Kremen was able to make a gigantic profit from the sale of several domain names heÂ’d registered. Now, thatÂ’s one savvy businessman! It is any wonder that would be the one site to reset the record as the most expensive domain name?

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