Sex, Republicans, Democrats, and Marriage

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Binghamton University and teamed up for a survey of 5,000 single (and presumably heterosexual) Americans and found that Republicans have “better” sex than Democrats. But, are those Republicans having all that great sex with fellow Republicans? A happy marriage can apparently cross party lines…and lead to an awesome sex life. Just ask James Carville or Arnold Schwarzenegger. On second thought, don’t ask Arnold.

So, what makes “better” sex? Well, 53% of Republicans reported having a “grand ol’ time” every time they had sex. While only 40% of Democrats reported having the big “O” each time. Democrats also have more sex than Republicans. Guess that proves the saying, “more isn’t always better.” Unless you’re talking about votes this November.

The survey also determined that 17% of men and 20% of women would only sleep with someone in their same political party. Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert commented on this survey saying couples that don’t share political views have different strengths. He says they may have “good communication and conflict resolution skills, a healthy sex life, shared goals, and similar interests.”

That all sounds sweet and nice but after the dirty liberal defiles the saintly conservative, how do they deal with a gay family member or the female in the relationship wanting be on birth control or have an abortion? And how on earth do they budget their household?

The “marriage” in Congress doesn’t appear to be working. Maybe there needs to be a little more cross-party cuddling.

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