Sex Slaves in Latino Residential Brothels Operating in 25 States

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When you think of sex slaves, you often think of young girls in foreign countries. They are forced to perform sexual acts for pay at ridiculously young ages. But did you know sexual slavery is prevalent in the United States as well?

According to a report from NBC Nightly News, there are Latino Residential Brothels operating in at least 25 states in the U.S. The prostitutes in these brothels are victims of sexual slavery.

These brothels cater to men of a specific ethnicity. They are advertised in code. A recent bust at just one of the brothels uncovered entire cases of business cards advertising all night delivery of “tacos” or “burritos.” This is part of what is being called their “sophisticated camouflage,” and is the main reason so many have yet to be busted.

A young woman in the MSNBC report explained that she had no idea what she was in for when she agreed to marry a man who had wooed her in her rural Mexican farming village. Once her new husband moved her from Mexico into the Atlanta, Georgia region, she was abused and forced to work in one of these Latino Residential Brothels.

It seems that this brothel network operates a bit differently from your standard brothel. (And isn’t it sad that in this country there are operations considered “standard” as brothels?) The johns who sell these young sex slaves do so using the aforementioned business cards as well as word of mouth. The money changes hand on the streets, and not inside the brothels. “Customers” are provided with a token in exchange for their cash. Each sex slave must turn in their tokens at the end of each business day.

Doesn’t it seem ironic that in one of the most civilized and educated countries in the world there are sex slaves being forced on a daily basis to do unthinkable things? Isn’t it despicable that there are women and young girls sold into slavery in a country that supposedly abolished slavery nearly two generations ago?

Fortunately special forces have been created to work undercover in an attempt to discover where each of these Latino Residential Brothels is operating, and to free these sex slaves. Hopefully these authorities will be successful, but in the meantime new sex slaves are entering the country at a rapid rate.

Were you aware that sex slaves were so prevalent in the United States?

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