Sex Study by Indiana University Proves There’s Many Definitions

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Indiana University has just concluded an extremely comprehensive sex study which proves the term sex is not the same for each person. It could mean much more than just the physical act of intercourse.

Indiana FightIndy Star reports that Indiana University’s sex study showed several participants viewed the term sex as encompassing oral sex and masturbation. While discussing the study,  Sexologist Logan Levkoff said, “Sex isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition.”

Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion’s director Michael Reece said, “Our main point is that sex is more than just vaginal intercourse. While it does appear to be the most common behavior . . . many people are being diverse in their sexual lives.”

Chicago Tribune states Indiana University’s sex study also found that American teens are routinely using condoms while having sex. The study found that teens and adults who are single used condoms 25% of the time they engaged in vaginal intercourse.

CBS News reports the Indiana University’s sex study will be featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and is 130 pages long. The study details the race, age and sexual activities of its participants. There were 5, 865 people studied and the age range of those participants were from 14 to 94. It was not surprising that the 14-year-olds engaged in more sexual activities than their 94-year-olds counterparts.

The sex study done by Indiana University is a truly fascinating and thorough piece of work. It truly captures the very private lives of Americans today. Hopefully, all the participants were honest with their answers. It’s not hard to imagine a 14-year-old boy embellishing a little or a single mom not divulging everything.

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