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She came to him with no or very little fear knowing that everything meant to happen would. It always did happen that way.


He sat on the bed and lit a cigarette … Took a drag slowly, as if  inhaling the air between the two of them.


She watched. A very strange girl, usually cool and composed, but not today.


They laughed a little about something or other, but who even remembers?


She lay on the bed next to him. Her dress molded close to her body left her large, magnetic shapes in full view.


He touched her gently. From her neck to her knees, his touch advanced, increasingly obsessed. His pulse visible in his cheeks now.


She arched her back, and then, through a whisper and a soft sigh her desires surfaced.


He no longer could look in her eyes. Her dress was down on the floor.




His eyes began a nervous walk alongside her body, just like a lion in a cage too small for his desires. Stared at her clavicle, and then slowly moved closer to the end.He touched her belly with his forefinger.




A kiss.


She thought about antelopes, why they run out of the lion’s way?


And a look.


Then his palm moved on her belly slowly …


Naked now, certain of her beautiful body, with a superior look in the depth of her eyes.


He was cautious in approaching, maybe for fear of too much emotion having an undesirable effect. Instead, continued to look overcome by visual pleasure.


come to me!”


He came. ..


The spell broke for a visceral reality, somewhat sad, with moaning and whispered theatrical sounding words cut into quarters.


Another piece of the puzzle of life.


Hers. Mine. Yours. Maybe his …


The more I know the more I realize that I know nothing…


Is that the famous saying?


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