Sextape Caused Shaquille O’Neal to Order Gang Members to Abduct Robert Ross

Robert Ross says a sextape caused Shaquille O’Neal to order Los Angeles gang members from The Crips to abduct, assault, and rob him. Apparently, record producer Ross was in possession of O’Neal’s sextape that had been made with a woman other than his wife and O’Neal wanted it back! Unfortunately for Ross, he found out the hard way that Shaquille doesn’t play games when it comes to what he wants.

Ross filed a lawsuit against Shaq that states back in 2008, “Because of the fear that the sex video might become public, and because of defendant O’Neal’s raging jealousy toward plaintiff, defendants O’Neal and (Mark) Stevens directed and employed members of the street gang to kidnap, attack, rob and threaten plaintiff.”

Ross also claims that he was threatened at gunpoint to return the sextape after being abducted on Sunset Boulevard. He states he was taken to one of the gang members’ homes at the time. The lawsuit goes on to say that the FBI had previously put a wire tap on one of the gang member’s cell phones and that a call to that phone by Mark Stevens was recorded.

The filing states, “During the kidnapping and robbery, Stevens communicated by phone with one of the members of the street gang and emphasized that O’Neal needed to obtain the sex tape form (sic) plaintiff.”

Unfortunately, the once mighty Shaquille O’Neal that was greatly loved by many and thought to be a “stand up” guy is no longer seen in that same loving light. Shaq’s reputation crumbles yet again as more and more pieces fall into place. It’s really tragic when society embraces these celebrities in such a way because they are just flawed humans like everyone else. It’s the children who pay the price when their parents allow and even push for them to idealize any celebrity or sports figure. The person on the cereal box is rarely the same person in real life.

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