Sexy One Direction Parody Attacks Mitt Romney (Video)

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One Direction has gotten involved in American politics, sort of.

1D member Niall Horan has expressed his admiration for Barack Obama in past interviews, but the only Irish member of the boy band hasn’t gone as far as parody group “Wrong Direction” has to help the president get reelected.

The group of slightly older singers was put together by a coalition called Full Frontal Freedom, and the members of the fake boy band don’t sing about hair-flipping and smiles in their “What Makes You Beautiful” parody video, titled “Disclosure”—instead they focus on Mitt Romney refusing to share ten years of his tax returns.

Here’s an example of Wrong Direction’s lyrics:

Everyone else on TV can see it
Everyone else but Fox News
Romney you lie to voters like nobody else
Your SuperPAC giant size gets Dems overwhelmed
But when you smile at your wealth it ain’t hard tell
You won’t show
What you’re hiding down below

In the music video, it’s hard to tell if the members of Wrong Direction are actually asking Mitt Romney to share his tax returns or if they’re implying that he needs to follow in the footsteps of celebs like Chris Brown and Kanye West by having a full frontal nude photo “leaked” on the web.

One Direction band members Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik better watch out; if Wrong Direction ever decides to start recording non-political songs, 1D might lose a few fans to the more muscular boy band. Directioners love it when the members of 1D go shirtless, but even Liam Payne’s abs can’t compete with those of the members of Wrong Direction.

The group’s “lead” singer is also a bit cuter than Harry Styles, and the members of Wrong Direction aren’t afraid to wear Speedos in their music videos.

You can check out the group singing about Bain, outsourcing jobs, and other fun stuff in the video below.

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi | Wikimedia

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