Sexy Scarlett Johansson Despises Blake Lively?

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Scarlett Johansson believes Blake Lively is a home wrecker and a copycat, according to sources, and weeps every time she sees a picture of Blake and Ryan Reynolds together.

It’s been nearly two years since ScarJo and Ryan split for good, so it’s pretty pathetic if she is still carrying a torch for the hunky actor. Besides, isn’t Scarlett the party who initiated the divorce in the first place? Maybe, she should have given the marriage some more time, instead of dissolving it after a mere two years.

Either way, the 27-year-old Avengers actress is reported to be insanely envious of the slightly younger Lively, and even accuses Ryan of cheating with Blake while they were still married. Remember, though, that this is all just a rumor at this point, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

File:Scarlett Johansson in Kuwait 01b-tweaked.jpg“Scarlett feels like Blake actually stole Ryan from her, because it was when he started shooting Green Lantern with Blake in 2010 that everything fell apart,” an insider claimed. Johansson “also considers Blake to be a cheap version of herself. They’ve actually auditioned for the same roles a few times and Blake has always lost out.”

Divorce is always difficult, and it’s humiliating to see a former lover parading around with their new significant other. Lively and Reynolds always look like they are having a blast, which must make Johansson see red, because she and Ryan never appeared that happy together.

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