SFPD Sieze Occupy San Francisco Protestors Property

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SFPD deployed riot officers just after midnight Thursday morning to remove protestors from the Federal Reserve Building. City workers followed behind the officers and illegally seized protestors property. As things stand now, protestors must be able to prove items belong to them before items are being released from impound. All this came just two hours after officers told the Occupy San Francisco protestors that if they took their tents down, they would be allowed to continue to gather at the Federal Reserve Building.

This is yet another example of civil authorities stepping all over American’s civil rights. New York police have been chastised across the Internet for gleefully attacking protestors at the Occupy Wall Street protest. Occupy San Francisco protestors plan to continue their protest over the weekend but are warning participants that they will give a 30-minute warning before any civil disobedience begins.

Video of the Occupy San Francisco protest show protestors laying down in front of riot vehicles. The civil disobedience did little to keep officers out of the encampment. As more video is released of the many protests taking place, people across the country are relating the current civil liberty invasions to those of the 1960s and 70s. Only time will tell if these protests result in the level of violence of our past.

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