Shadows of Suspicion, by Ashley Dawn

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The family banter is pleasantly natural, the family’s Christian faith is pervasive, and the sense of danger’s quickly and scarily real in Ashley Dawn’s Shadows of Suspicion, next in her Shadows series of Christian romantic suspense novels. The story follows on from Shadows of the Past but readers are brought up to speed very naturally and won’t need to read the first book to enjoy the second.

Kerry’s brothers work for the FBI and the CIA, so her life’s bound to be complicated, especially when the possibly deranged son of a recently imprisoned criminal decides he wants revenge. When Kerry’s kidnapped she knows how to pray and how to free herself, but she’ll need the help of the mysterious Luke to avoid being recaptured. And suddenly she finds he’s captured her heart. Unfortunately Luke thinks “[S]he must be brain washed or something to enjoy church,” and Kerry’s biggest problem, apart from being chased by a murderous madman, is “finding someone who share[s] her faith and beliefs.” Religion, after all, isn’t “only for women, children and old people.” But how will she convince Luke?

The real question of course, is whether she really believes all things are possible with God. Perhaps it’s not her but her preacher who will reach Luke with holy words. Perhaps the honest emotions of true Christians will win him over from his bitter past. And, in the meantime, perhaps Kerry’s life will be saved even while Luke’s soul finds salvation.

Smoother-reading than the first book, Shadows of Suspicion is an enjoyable, Christian romantic suspense with an interesting plot, scary villains, and wonderful family dialog to anchor it.


Disclosure: I received a free ecopy of this book when the author visited my blog during her blog tour.

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