Shahid Kapoor Talks about Single Life and Relationship with Priyanka Chopra

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It’s official: Shahid Kapoor is back to being a bachelor.

The Times of India sat down with Shahid and asked him the question girls all over have been wanting to know: Is he single?

“According to my last memory,” the actor replied, “I am single.” has dated his fair share of Bollywood’s most beautiful women. He was in a long-term relationship with Kareena Kapoor (the two split during filming of their hit film Jab We Met, though their chemistry was still palpable right through to the final scene) and then dated Priyanka Chopra (famously answering her door in his shorts when tax agents came after Priyanka last year). Speaking of Priyanka Chopra, Shahid had only the nicest things to say about her.

She is great fun, a good co-star, a fine actor, neighbour and friend.

If Shahid Kapoor harbors any bitterness over Priyanka leaving him, it doesn’t come through in how he speaks about her. Clearly he’s still fond of his ex (though one has to wonder what he thinks about her new “relationship” with Shahrukh Khan), and is gentlemanly enough to praise her in public during a time when her reputation is constantly in jeopardy.

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