Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra: Is the Affair Over?

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Shahrukh Khan’s recent habit of ignoring Priyanka Chopra in public has some wondering whether his actions are more than just a reaction to his wife’s demands that he not see Priyanka. Is it possible that Shahrukh has decided to give up the scandalous affair altogether?

That would seem to be the case given the events of the previous week. Shahrukh and Priyanka went from cuddling in corners at parties, engaging in 3 a.m. trysts in SRK’s office, and happily hosting awards shows together to being downright icy towards each other. Could that be a sign that the self-proclaimed best friends aren’t seeing each other anymore? More precisely, since the cold behavior seems to be coming mostly from Shahrukh Khan, could it be that SRK dumped Priyanka?’s examine the evidence: Shahrukh and Priyanka were scheduled to appear at the Berlin International Film Festival for a screening of their film Don 2. Rather than jet off cozily with Priyanka, Shahrukh instead complained of feeling ill and gave some indication of not being able to attend the event at all. So Priyanka and Don 2 director Farhan Akhtar were off to Berlin, with Shahrukh showing up at just the last minute, accompanied by his wife Gauri Khan.

Priyanka walked the red carpet alone, and Shahrukh went arm-in-arm (or should we say claw in arm, as you never saw a woman with a tighter grip on her man than Gauri in Berlin) with his wife. And when the team went up on stage at the screening event Shahrukh made sure to stand well apart from Priyanka.

Priyanka then darted across the Atlantic to attend the Grammy Awards, while presumably Shahrukh spent the weekend getting an ultimatum from the wife. After all, it only makes sense that Gauri demand Shahrukh stop seeing Priyanka—PC is already banned from social events where Gauri or her cadre of star wives are invited; it’s not a stretch to assume Gauri would take it one step further and simply put her foot down about the affair altogether. She’s not a weak woman, and likely doesn’t take kindly to her family’s reputation being ruined by rumors.

Shahrukh Khan has incentive for putting an end to the affair besides his wife demanding it: the rumors have already done severe damage to Priyanka Chopra’s career. If she and Shahrukh are really so close that they consider themselves best friends, then the noble thing for Shahrukh to do would be to do his part in keeping Priyanka’s career from being completely destroyed.

Then again, it’s also possible that the two have simply grown wary of the media scrutiny their affair has inspired and have decided to play it cool for a while. Either way, Priyanka stands to benefit by appearing to have ended her relationship with SRK. And Shahrukh will make his wife very happy by appearing to have kicked PC to the curb.

And after all, in show business, aren’t appearances everything?

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