Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra: PC and SRK Not Friends Anymore?

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According to the Bollywood rumor mill, Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh Khan are no longer carrying on any sort of romantic relationship. But are the good friends no longer, well, friends?

It would seem that Gauri Khan and her catty clique of bored housewives have been extremely successful in freezing Priyanka Chopra out of Shahrukh’s life. While they initially sought to ensure that Priyanka wasn’t welcome at any of the social events which they were attending, their little scheme has achieved so much more: they’ve managed to prevent Shahrukh and Priyanka from even speaking to each other. Is their now-icy relationship the result of being wary of Gauri’s watchful eye, or are the two legitimately not on speaking terms anymore? recently refused to even claim to be rooting for SRK’s IPL team, the Kolkata Knight Riders. She denied ever having said that Shahrukh makes her blush and that she got outright rude with a reporter who brought up the topic at a recent event for her film, Teri Meri Kahani. In fact she’s been studiously avoiding any mention of Shahrukh, preferring instead to pretend to care about the environment—er, sorry—”do charity work,” and even remained silent when the man she once claimed to be her best friend was detained at an American airport for being Muslim.

Here’s the thing: Priyanka Chopra has done nothing wrong. It’s not her obligation to protect Shahrukh Khan’s marriage. If Gauri Khan wants to be angry at someone for ruining her marriage, then she should be angry at her husband. Priyanka isn’t married, she can see whoever she likes. Gauri’s taking her anger at her husband out on Priyanka. Thanks to Gauri’s vindictiveness Priyanka is not only being robbed of a great co-star, she’s also being robbed of a friend. The blame here falls squarely on Shahrukh. What kind of a friend is he if he lets his wife attempt to ruin Priyanka’s career over his own bad behavior?

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