Shahrukh Khan’s Marriage in Trouble? SRK Looks Miserable with Gauri at Big B’s Bash

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If Shahrukh Khan was happy to be at Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th birthday bash his face didn’t show it. In fact, SRK looked downright miserable as he walked down the red carpet with his wife Gauri Khan. But why? and Gauri’s body language in their red carpet snaps is incredibly telling. Though Shahrukh keeps an arm around Gauri for the duration of their pose, it’s not a tight grasp, and he’s standing as far away from her as possible while still maintaining contact. It’s as if he doesn’t want to be near her and is only doing it for the cameras. He has a scowl on his face the entire time, and though Gauri is smiling her expression looks forced and uncomfortable.

What’s going on between these two to make them look so unhappy on what should have been a night of celebration? Did the ceaseless rumors of SRK’s alleged affair with Priyanka Chopra cause a permanent rift in their relationship? Didn’t Gauri say her peace about that particular situation already? If not the affair then what? This is as awful as the pair have looked together in a long, long time.

Shahrukh Khan is usually so quick to put on a happy face—there must be some real trouble brewing in paradise if he wasn’t able to set aside his obvious distaste for his wife’s company for a few minutes.

photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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