Shakira Blamed by Boyfriend Gerard Pique for Whitewater Rafting Mishap

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When their white-water raft flipped, footballer Gerard Pique was quick to point the finger at his international superstar girlfriend Shakira. The Waka Waka singer and boyfriend were recently enjoying some rapids while on holiday when the raft they were on capsized.

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?Pique was quick to jump on his girlfriend for not being very athletic. Gerard went public with his criticisms via Twitter:

Because of @shakira’s lack of synchronization paddling, we all fell off the raft!!

He then went on to post a video on YouTube! Of course, since her Twitter seems to be run by her PR team and not by the singer, there has been no response. There is nothing like taking a cheap shot at your girlfriend when you fall off the raft going down some rapids and get wet.

Oh, and one more thing! Pique was not paddling at all. No, he was hot-dogging it by sitting on the bow of the boat, not contributing at all. No wonder he was upset that he got dumped. Perhaps he got what he deserved.

Shakira has been dating the Barcelona defender and former Manchester United reserve for a while now. Perhaps she can remind him who the international superstar is and who the “back-up” footballer is.

Watch the entire video below. Shakira is paddling, two people behind the person wearing the yellow jacket. Who failed here, again?

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