Shakira Sex Tape Rumors Surface… Again

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Former employees of Shakira say they have a sex tape of her and her boyfriend and are shopping it around.

This is an old story, having surfaced last year, but with no result. But this time, there seem to be more details, and it’s the result of some long-time employees allegedly being burned over getting fired.

The unidentified couple, former house servants of the fiery Colombian superstar, are claiming they were wrongfully terminated after refusing to serve a late-night meal to their boss and boyfriend Gerard Piqué.

So, as revenge, they’re reportedly shopping around a 15-minute video, taken on a camera phone, of Shakira and Piqué on their luxury yacht.

Said an agent who saw the clip, “I guess it’s recorded with a mobile phone by an employee who was in the cockpit of the boat.”

But, really, so what?

Isn’t she allowed to have sex with her lover on a boat? Why do people act so shocked about that? And, a sex tape is good for (show) business, isn’t it?

Expect this rumor to die a quick death. Again.

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