Shamu Attack: Eyewitness Tells Horrifying Details of Trainer’s Death at SeaWorld (VIDEO)

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A woman reportedly saw Tilikum, a bull orca that performs at the SeaWorld Orlando in Florida, “thrash” around with trainer Dawn Brancheau in his mouth, according to

Brancheau, 40, reportedly drowned following an attack by Tilikum, a 12,300 pound “killer whale.”

Eldon Skaggs, who saw the events leading up to and the attack on Brancheau, said the “trainer was massaging the whale on his belly, then the whale took off really fast, came around, right up to the glass, popped up and started thrashing, grabbed the trainer by the waist, started thrashing, and her shoe came off. The sirens went off.”

Skaggs said that people, including children, were covering their mouths in disbelief over what they had seen, reports.

Here is the video of the eyewitness accounts of what transpired on Wednesday to whale trainer:


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