Shamu Kills Trainer: {VIDEO} of Sea World Orlando Dawn Brancheau (photo)

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Shamu kills trainer at Orlando’s Sea World in Florida. Tourists came for a Shamu Whale Show. Dawn Brancheau, 40 year old trainer, was preparing to start the show, when Tillikum, 12,300 pound killer whale became agitated, which was obvious to eye witnesses.

Tillikum raced over to Dawn Brancheau, the killer whale trainer, and grabbed her by the waist yanking her into the pool, thrashing her body around and drowning her. Eye witnesses noticed Dawn Brancheau’s shoe flying off into the pool.

Although Sea World says that incidents like this never happen, Tillikum has killed before. A man stayed in the park after hours and wanted to swim with the killer shark, so Tillikum killed him. In 1991, Tillikum was also involved in the death, Tillikum and 2 other killer whales drowned a trainer Sealand of the Pacific in Canada. Other killer whales have attacked their trainers, too, but their were no deaths in those cases.

Shamu Kills Trainer and we are surprised? I mean, really, it is a KILLER WHALE people. In my book, I would stay away from killer whales at all costs. I would probably go see a killer whale show, but obviously Shamu could kill anyone near him. It has the name killer whale, because it kills people! What was this guy who stayed after hours thinking when he decided to swim with the killer whale?

I am also surprised at Sea World for having a shark that has killed before in Canada and been involved in the death of another trainer. Tillikum was an unsafe killer whale, if their is such a thing as a safe killer whale!


Here is the video update on Shamu Kills Trainer, Dawn Brancheau!





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