Shania Twain is Staging a Major Comeback

Shania Twain is on the comeback trail and it’s about time. Her fans waited patiently while the singer put her shattered life back together. Now they’re thrilled to know she is singing once again.

Twain has long been a fan favorite among country music lovers. The beautiful brunette has a killer voice, a stunning presence, a sweet spirit and a good heart. That is a lethal combination that is hard to beat in any music genre. In country music, however, it’s akin to a knockout.

Back in the ’90s and as the millennium turned, it seemed nothing could keep the star down. She cranked out hit after hit and dazzled with videos that other stars tried to emulate. Shania Twain was unique and her fans adored her because of it. Then, the unthinkable happened. The husband that the singer obviously adored got caught cheating on her. However, that wasn’t even the worst of it. He was cheating with the star’s former best friend.

The shock and stress of the situation caused the Shania Twain to lose her voice. For half a decade, she was unable to sing a single note. She even feared she might never sing again.

It wasn’t until she sought therapy and poured her heart out in a book entitled From This Moment On, that the singer began to heal. Now she is back and ready to go full throttle, having just released her first new single, ‘Today is Your Day’.

However, Twain isn’t stopping there. She has signed a contract with Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. It is for an exclusive two-year show entitled “Shania: Still the One.” It debuts in December of 2012.

It’s great to see the singer back in the thick of it and ready to live her life once again. One thing is for certain. Her adoring fans will be buying the single and they’ll waiting to see the show; expressing their eternal love and support.

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