Shaq retires from NBA’s Cleveland Cavs?

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That’s right each and every game night Shaq retires to his home, or a hotel room to rest his huge 7 plus foot body.  NBA games can take a toll on even the big fellow, aka the Big Aristotle.  There are some fans who believe Shaq is actually retiring from the game of basketball, but there’s no reports to confirm anything like that.  He’s still an active member of the Cleveland Cavaliers roster as of this moment.

A trending Twitter topic from is to blame for the rumors of Shaquille O’Neal’s retirement. Shaq is still an active member of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers franchise, who along with Lebron James, is enjoying a rather good season.  Also, you can still see Shaq on Twitter, clowning around with fans.  His latest Tweets involve Eminem song lyrics.

So when Shaq retires for real, it will be major news.  For now the large and in charge NBA center is still playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and most likely will announce a retirement at the end of a season, not near the middle.

View Shaq’s official player page at Cleveland Cavs website

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