Share your history: How did you arrive in Minnesota?

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To celebrate 150 years of statehood, Minnesota Public Radio wants to tell the story of the people who make up our state. It’s a daunting task, and we’d like your help. Using the tools here at, tell us how you (or your ancestors) came to Minnesota — and why you stayed.

(From the project description. See MPR’s Minnesota 150 collection page)

Share your history with us here on Gather! We may point to your self-produced story in our MN150 collection, which is a great way to see the state’s history intersect with our personal one. Know I’m especially interested in your video storytelling, whether you simply record a face-to-face interview with your family historian or if you try your hand at a fully-fledged mini-documentary.

Please answer these questions in your story:

  • When did you or your ancestors arrive in Minnesota?
  • Why did you or your family come to Minnesota? Examples: Did land or employment bring you to the state? Was education or proximity to friends a factor?
  • Where (geographically) did you come from and how did you or your ancestors arrive? By plane, car, train, horse, boat, bus? Maybe even on foot?
  • If you didn’t stay in Minnesota, where did you go?

Participate now!

Join our Minnesota Arrival group on Create and upload a video or publish your own article  on how you arrived in Minnesota, and let’s share a little history.

Julia Schrenkler
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