Sharia Law Banned : Oklahoma becomes first US state to ban the Muslim law

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Sharia law will not be happening in Oklahoma after voters were expected to rule it illegal for judges to rely on the Islamic code when ruling on cases following a state-wide ballot.

Proponents of the sharia law ban said it was a “preemptive strike” to stop Oklahoma from suffering the same fate as European countries such as Britain, where Sharia law is routinely used in Muslim communities. In some countries, Sharia law it has been used to “justify cruel punishments such an amputation and stoning as well as unequal treatment of women in inheritance, dress and independence,” according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Rex Duncan, the Republican state representative and author of the proposition, said that more that a dozen other states were ready to ban Sharia law as well. “I see this in the future somewhere in America,’ he said, going on to say that “It’s not an imminent threat in Oklahoma yet, but it’s a storm on the horizon in other states. It should not matter what France might do, what Great Britain might do, or what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might do. Court decisions ought to be based on federal law, or state law.”

Should Sharia law be banned before it has even made an appearance in the US courts? Is it something that we need to worry about as Americans? Obviously, Oklahoma is worried and maybe other states should follow suit, but it seems as though it’s something that is on the minds of lawmakers now and in the future.

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