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would it be hard for you

to share with me

a life we both would love?

find purpose in the little things

the gifts from God above?

the subtle touches

we would sense

the looks we’d only know

the ones we’d share among our friends

that’d make us rise and go

we’d wake up early just to lie

together for a bit

to savor we don’t have to leave

and make the most of it

I’d trace your lips

and feel them move

as you’d look at me and smile

I’d feel your skin against my own

and enjoy it for a while

I’d count the sparkles in your eyes

and know they are all mine

I’d kiss the same two lips I touched

their taste like sweet, red wine

we’d lie back – laugh

and feed this heat

that burns within our breasts

the hunger we feel constantly

that has us both possessed

and when we’d finally face our day

we’d shower, shave, and shine

you’d let me slowly towel you dry

because you’d know you’re mine

and while we’re both away at work

those hours we’d spend apart

our life we share

would priceless seem

because we’d share our hearts

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