Sharmeka Moffitt Update: Did She Burn Herself in ‘KKK’ Attack?

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Sharmeka Moffitt claimed that she was burned by three men wearing “white hoodies.” Her mother held a press conference and a vigil was scheduled. It turns out that she burned herself, according to police.

The story made headlines, the FBI was investigating the attack as a “hate crime,” and this author was also fooled. Who would ever doubt the victim in such a heinous crime?

undefinedIt turns out, however, that Sharmeka actually burned herself, as reported by thenewsstar. The police have announced that “all forensic evidence pointed toward Moffitt concocting the story and setting herself on fire.” She also wrote the racial slurs on her own vehicle using toothpaste.

Why would this young girl deliberately set herself on fire? She still remains in the hospital in critical condition. Hopefully Sharmeka Moffitt and her family will get the help they need. And as Police Chief Lester Martin stated, the family still deserves prayers.

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