Sharon Osbourne Announces She Has a Bun in Her Oven…Just Kidding!

For better or worse, Sharon Osbourne has no qualms about voicing her views, whether on her daytime gig in the gang of five ladies on The Talk, or fulfilling her nightly invitations here and there, on QVC, or everywhere! She’s been away from her table of girlfriends for a few weeks, and she opened today’s show with a shocker! She’s going to be a mum at 60!

In a very serious yet sentimental mode, Mrs. O shared that she and her elder statesman of rock, Ozzy, had found a “beautiful donor” in Germany, and that she was carrying the fertilized egg and sperm shared by her hubby! The news was met with dropped jaws and open arms, Sheryl Underwood shrieking with joy, “You rock that, girl!” and Aisha Tyler even admitting a slight leak on co-host, Carnie Wilson! Sharon clearly relishes her grandmother role with son Jack’s daughter, Pearl, and loves to throw a little spice into the daytime talk world, and fly into the face of tabloid rumors. It seemed quite plausible that she meant it when she elaborated on how “men can have children through their 60s and 70s, so why can’t a woman, who is healthy,” she added, have a baby! After the flood of hugs and congratulations, and even baby names, courtesy of Sheryl’s suggestions, Osborne took her seat, and confessed before commercial, “I just gave an Oscar-worthy performance” referring to her ultimate April fool’s fun! Aisha Tyler clearly had a clue, judging from the two ladies’ interlocking arms and “inside words,” but certainly scored points for shock value. The Talk always keeps it real, and audiences love it, like they did last week when Kristin Chenoweth chimed in with the ladies to lose their hairpieces.

No need to plan any impromptu baby showers for Sharon Osbourne just yet, but guest Seth Green teased that he may be looking into surrogate pregnancy any time now!

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