Shaun White crash on Superpipe video – Winter X games 2010 practice

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Snowboarding star Shaun White was recently practicing his moves on the Superpipe for the Winter X games 2010.  What happened during the practice was unexpected though, as White hit the ice and snow hard while coming down near the one side of the Superpipe.  As the Shaun White crash happened he hit face first into the snowy ice and his helmet popped off his head.  Afterword he and his brother reviewed what had just happened.

White seems fine after the incident, and was more upset by not landing the move he was trying for.  Apparently he was trying for the “Double McTwist 1260″ during his practice run.

Video below shows just what happened in the Shaun White crash.  Let’s hope the snowboarding star known as the Flying Red Tomato will be ok!

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