Shaun White Double McTwist 1260 Video – Landed in Competition First Time at Olympics 2010 (VIDEO)

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Shaun White’s Olympics 2010 performance raised the bar again

The move that everyone was talking about – Shaun (not Sean) White’s Double McTwist 1260 – wasn’t even necessary for the phenom to take home another Gold Medal in the Men’s Snowboard Half Pipe event.  Shaun White clinched the gold after his amazing first run score (each rider goes twice, and the better score is counted) could not be topped by any other competitor after they each went twice.

So, in what everyone’s calling essentially a “victory lap,” White did what all the rest failed to do – top himself – and pulling off his Double McTwist 1260 for the first time in competition.

Unfortunately NBC and the IOC have some fast lawyers, and video of the actual Olympic run can only be found on  But anyway, here’s a Shaun White Double McTwist 1260 video that he landed for a video shoot prior to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.



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